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  cheap的反义词:expensive   cheap的反义词例句:   1. I get very nervous because I'm using a lot of expensive equipment.   因为正在使用很多昂贵的设备,所以我非常紧张。   2. The case against is twofold: too risky and too expensive.   反对理由有两点:太冒险而且太昂贵。   3. They actually moved down from upstairs because the rent's that expensive.   他们确实从楼上搬到了楼下,因为房租太贵了。   4. Although they're expensive, they last forever and never go out of style.   尽管价格昂贵,但它们经久耐用,永不过时。   5. Retooling, or recasting new toy moulds, is a slow and expensive process.   更换机器或者重新铸造新的玩具模具都是一个耗费时间和财力的过程。   6. There are restaurants, both humble and expensive, that specialize in them.   专门做这些菜的餐馆既有毫不起眼的也有价格昂贵的。   7. She had decked him out from head to foot in expensive clothes.   她用昂贵的服装把他从头到脚打扮一新。   8. This is fearfully expensive compared with the last one I bought.   这和我上次买的相比贵得吓人。   9. Leaves on the line are an expensive problem for the railways.   处理铁轨上的.落叶对铁路公司而言是一个耗资巨大的工程。   10. Waterproofed fabric pants are more expensive than plastic pants.   防水纤维短裤比塑料短裤贵多了。   11. It is expensive to buy and a bind to carry home.   买这个费用很贵,搬回家也费劲。   12. Nuclear plants are expensive to build, though cheap to operate.   核电站造价高昂,虽然运转费用低廉。   13. I spend a lot on expensive jewelry and clothing.   我花很多钱购买昂贵的首饰和衣服。   14. They will be slightly more expensive but they last a lot longer.   它们的价钱要贵一些,可是更加耐用。   15. Buying expensive furniture is not necessarily the smartest move to make.   购买昂贵的家具不见得就是最明智之举。   【cheap的反义词】相关文章:   1.轻盈的反义词及反义词造句   2.惬意的反义词   3.大概反义词   4.随便反义词   5.不公的反义词   6.依恋的反义词   7.建议的反义词   8.迎接的反义词


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