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一、用作动词,意为“与……有关;涉及”。如: Don’t interfere in what doesn’t concern you.别管与自己无关的事。 二、用作名词。 ① 意为“焦虑;担心”。如: There is growing concern that they may have been killed. 越来越担心他们可能已遭杀害。 ② 意为“对某人来说最关心或最感兴趣的事”。如: What’s your main concerns as a writer? 身为作家,你对什么最感兴趣? 三、常用搭配: ① concern oneself with / in / about sth. “忙于某事 / 关心某事 / 参与某事”。如: She concerns herself with social welfare. 她从事社会福利工作。 ② as / so far as sb. / sth. be concerned“就某人 / 某物而言”。如: As far as I’m concerned, I don’t object to your decision. 就我(个人)而言,我不反对你的决定。 ③ be concerned in / with sth. “与某物有牵连”。如: He was concerned with the crime. 他与那起罪案有关。 ④ be concerned to do sth.“把做某事视为自己的事情”。如: He is always concerned to help others.他总是把帮助别人看作是自己的事情。 ⑤ show / express concern about / for “对……表示关心、担心”。如: She showed a great deal of concern for her son’s illness. 她非常担心她儿子的病情。 ⑥ have a concern in / with... “与……有利害关系”。如: I have no concern with that company.我与那家公司没什么关系。 ⑦ be concerned about... / that... “关心……;担心……”。如: I’m concerned that they may have got lost. 我担心他们可能迷路了。 四、同根词: ① concerned形容词,意为“有关的;担心的”。如: Concerned parents held a meeting. 忧心忡忡的家长们开了一次会。 ② concerning介词,意为“关于;有关”。如: Concerning his proposal, there are pros and cons. 关于他的提案,有赞成和反对两种意见。


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