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1、You may be routinely skipping a step. 2、It is claimed that the police routinely brutalize prisoners. 3、Coccidiostats are routinely used in broiler feeds every day. 4、The performance Team routinely USES this information in their performance bottleneck analysis. 5、We routinely do not pay for most other forms of water. 6、You should routinely check your backups to ensure that the process is working correctly. 7、Land in the Amazon Basin is routinely cleared for cattle ranching. 8、Stop routinely giving the rectal exam because it has not clearly shown a benefit, though it can remain an option. 9、We're moving toward a time when we can routinely repair, remove or even insert genes in people. 10、Normal posts are the ones that you will publish routinely in your blog, between the killer articles. 11、The point of the University of Pennsylvania study was not to chastise the news media but rather assess what elements of cancer treatment are being routinely reported. 12、And what they want you to see, beyond the masks, is that there are great women artists whose work is routinely ignored by the art world. 13、Alas, no such pill exists-but the designers of video games routinely use something very similar as they strive to make their games more lifelike. 14、Pyongyang routinely condemns the exercises as preparation for an invasion and last week warned passenger planes against flying near its airspace. 15、Regulators in America do routinely estimate the impact of new rules on jobs, but such estimates do not enter the ledger when they calculate a rule’s costs. 16、In the case of salmon, a carnivorous species that is now farmed routinely, it has proved possible to mix veggies and other sources of protein into the fish's chow. 17、Whereas the standard dogma of a decade ago would have been to routinely offer a combination regimen, several recent studies have suggested that sequential agent chemotherapy can result in similar long-term survival rates with somewhat lower levels of toxicity. 18、It was part of a police campaign to call attention to the importance of zebra crossings, which are routinely ignored in Moscow, contributing to the large number of pedestrians who are hit by cars. 19、"We do not find that the predictive value is so good that we routinely should inform parents who (have) a child with a low Apgar score about the higher risk of ADHD," Obel said. 20、For all its flaws, it was a bold idea: to replace the throw-away rockets that began the space age with a truck that could go in and out of orbit routinely.


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